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Will Playboi Carti Ever Release Sophomore Album ‘WHOLE LOTTA RED’

Written by: Jalen King

Today’s song for Monday Drip is Playboi Carti’s “Long Time”, from his debut album ‘Die Lit.’  Since the release of his debut, Carti has publicly acknowledged the fact that it took him a relatively long time to release a follow up project.  Despite only having one album in his discography, this ATL rapper has grown in popularity due to several top 100 hits. One of his first, ‘Mongolia’, peaked at #29 on the Billboard, and ‘Woke Up Like This’ with fellow rapper Lil Uzi Vert peeked on the charts at the #76 spot. Since the release of his debut album in 2018, Carti has kept a pretty low profile.

To say Playboi Carti’s second album is highly anticipated is an understatement. The album has been rumored to be released for over 2 years and has turned into an ongoing joke with die-hard fans constantly being tricked into thinking the album is going to be released with multiple release dates. Every single rumor has appeared to be false and went viral. There has been release date claims as recent as May 11th, 2020, the 2 year anniversary of ‘Die Lit.’

What exactly is taking Playboi Carti so long to release a follow-up project? We can only speculate. When questioned about the release date,  Carti often puts blame on his music producers. He claims he wanted a producer to exclusively work to create a sound for his album. According to, the rapper has another project with the popular producer Metro Boomin in the vault. That collaboration unfortunately set back the release of the album adding more tracks into the mix of songs that could potentially be on the album. 

Will Playboi Carti ever release ‘Whole Lotta Red?’ It's impossible to figure out a release date due to so many different factors delaying the album. Playboi Carti has been very open the delay on his album. It looks like the album is finished and Playboi carti is getting ready for Album mode. Check out his latest single below, and tell us what you think?

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