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5 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Game During the Pandemic

Written By: Jalen King

 Don't let the pandemic take you out of the game and keep you from achieving success. COVID-19 has had the potential to negatively impact us emotionally, financially, and physically. However, everything isn’t all just doom and gloom. There are ways out there that will allow you to take advantage of the down time to benefit yourself as well as others around you. Use this pandemic as a time to create opportunities for yourself so that you may grow. Below are five easy ways for you to stay on top of the game and  make the most out of your down time.

Get active on Financial Apps 

 This doesn't mean go out and by expensive shares. Afterall, doing so blindly could potentially leave you at a loss. More simply, look into apps like Acorns & Stash. They are both free to download and make investing your money extremely easy.  They give you the ability to buy fractional shares in which you can invest as low as one dollar into big names such as Amazon and Tesla. 

In addition, you should also look into buying cryptocurrency, which is a digital asset that takes the place of a medium of exchange. A good starting place is Bitcoin. It’s certainly the most popular. Other cryptocurrency investing apps that you should into are Uphold, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken

If investing isn't your thing, try looking into apps like Wealthfront. This financial app offers a simple free to use savings feature with an annual percentage yield of 0.35 percent. This makes you more money from interest than that of your average bank account.

Boost your immune system with exercise

Exercising is imperative to your health. Exercising improves your mood, controls weight, boosts energy, and improves the quality of sleep. According to studies published by the ‘U.S Library of Medicine’, acute exercise can increase your immune system’s defense activity.

Stay in touch  

Communication is crucial in times like these. Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be distant-socially. Make sure you use this time to stay in touch with family and friends. Instead of wondering what everyone is up to, why not create a family zoom meeting or get a few friends into a group FaceTime session. Small conversations with people out of your comfort zone can benefit you tremendously, and give you new ways to cope with the pandemic.

Escape into a good book

As cliche as it may seem, reading reduces stress. There is no lack of stress during this pandemic with unemployment hitting 14.7% in April and over 20 million jobs lost. A mental escape into a great book might be just what you need to give your anxiety a break. In addition, reading is the number one way to learn. A great and easy way to start this amazing habit is by reading an article every morning. This can give you a head start to your day and bring about a sense of peace.

Get lost in new music. 

The pandemic has put a stop to music tours, festivals, and all public events. Atlantic recording artist Gunna recently appeared on Power 105’s radio show ‘The Breakfast Club.’ and claimed that he lost over 2 million dollars due to the shutdown. Artists now, more than ever, rely on music streaming platforms. With this being the new normal,  artists of all genres are dropping songs left and right. This means there is so much new music to dive into, in addition to catalogues of albums from the past. So have at it, get lost in a new song or album, and at the same time support your favorite artists.

Above all else, make sure you take care of yourself. It's important to check in with yourself to the best of your ability during this pandemic. We are all in unfamiliar territory but make sure you stay on top of your game with these five tips.

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