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Strategic Business Consulting

Using deep industry knowledge, we provide tailor-made business models to achieve your company’s goals. From branding key elements of your creative, assisting with project planning, or helping you coordinate a movement for your political campaign, we produce and execute business solutions.


Project Management

We leverage executive-level managers and industry-standard software to help keep you and your team on track to success. You can be assured that each goal, short or long term, is being met within the specified time-limit and project plan. More than manage your projects, we motivate and collaborate with your team to accomplish each goal.


Media Relations

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in media and media relations. We can help you achieve the right balance in your communications plan and tailor it to fit your business objectives. Whether seeking publicity for your event, creating your company’s first electronic press kit, or simply getting training for on-camera interviews, we’ve got you more than covered.


Business Development (Sponsor Relations)


Be valid competitors in your market by connecting to your respective audience with content marketing. Allow us to curate content that will garner engagement through branded graphics, images, video content, and narrative-driven website designs. Let your content do all the talking with our content marketing initiatives.

Speaker Bookings


Content Marketing

As a consultant and sales leader, Tiffiney has had the privilege to be a guest speaker at college and universities, high schools, conferences, community and corporate events. Participating on panels for diversity and inclusion, female leadership, media sales and brand planning, she has an array of topics that can add to the dialogue of your event or provide inspirational messages regarding keys to great leadership and how to increase revenue.


A great business proposal not only initiates a relationship with prospective sponsors, but it communicates key messaging of your campaign. We can help you solidify a  proposal that will effectively and clearly define goals for your fundraising efforts. 

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