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Top Ways to Adapt to Communication During 2020

Written by: Will Adrian

Technology has afforded us the ability to meet, spend time, and create together all from the comfort of our homes. With terms like social distancing and Covid-19 trending digitally, business and casual relationships alike have been put to the test. Just how many conference calls and FaceTime sessions can one have before adapting to the new communication standards. 

Here are our top five ways to adapt your communication during 2020.

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows up to 100 people to video conference at a time. It is the preferred meeting outlet for most schools and internal corporate meetings. The large amount of participants allowed makes Zoom great for a quarantine online birthday party or digital get together. 

Just because you’re apart from your loved ones doesn’t mean you can’t watch television without them. Netflix recently added a new feature called ‘Netflix Party’ that let’s multiple users watch a movie or show together in real-time. In addition, it adds a group chat to the video streaming service. Who said you can’t have a long-distance watch-party?

What about when you’re in the mood for something a bit more active? Houseparty is a social networking and video-chat application that allows you to host and join ‘parties’. Each party comes equipped with games such as trivia, charades, and Pictionary. Another cool feature this app has is a social aspect. When you or one of your friends are online, you will get notifications to join their party. Here’s to social-distancing game night!

Leave it up Instagram to be the pioneer in quarantine activities. With the launch of the Instagram Live feature, this social media platform has been a hub for innovative and creative ways to have DJ battles, exercise groups, and expert panels. Not only is IG the most accessible, but also the most popular way to connect with others in real-time.

We couldn’t round out this list without giving at least one platform catered to family and close friends. Marco Polo is an application that allows you to send video messages. But unlike Snapchat, the videos are automatically saved in the thread. This application is most suitable for sharing videos of the kids, especially the little ones. You can share those precious family moments without running up your data plans! 

There you have it, our top ways to change the way you communicate with others. Which one of these platforms have you tried? How are you adapting to the new normal? Why yes we are tuning into that Instagram versus battle, aren’t you?

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